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Minimize existing clutter and excess possessions

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Time for a Garage Sale

I’ve found…with all things that if I just set a date to do it it will actaully happen. If I don’t set a date…it almost never does. So…my GF and I have talked about doing a garage sale together and we decided we will do it some weekend in September. I know…no date. Well I hope to get back to this site more often in the near future and keep you updated.

Live simply

I moved into my familys home after graduation and everyone else moved out around the same time. Everyone left a bunch of junk behind. The collection of useless things that are hard to get rid of and have little to no value. So my goal is to clean this house. Rid it of 20+ years worth of junk. I have been at it little by little for about 2-3 months now, and all I have managed to do is move most of it around. I need to get rid of it.

As far as excess possessions go, I have been a bit more successful at getting rid of my own things. It just takes time and the motivation. Plus you have to realize that it isn’t going to make you happy and if I haven’t used it in the past year or two, I’m probably not going to.

This goal for me also has to do with not acquiring new junk. The things you buy will not make me happy. Don’t buy things.
With the exception of food and a moderate amount of clothing. I don’t really need things. Do I?

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