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Complaining less :)

Since I started a new challenge (Smile all the time for 21 days), I am not complaining like before. I only complain when I have to hurry home and my dog is pulling when we are talking a walk or when my sister calls to complain (listening to complaining can lead you to complain).

But I am doing pretty good this week. It has been a few days and I am not complaining.


failing on it miserably this week….


Wow, reading the other entries here about this subject reminded me that yes, people don’t like negative people and when you’re complaining, you bring a dark cloud above you and then people avoid YOU!
I think I am working on it without even thinking about it which is funny, because I expected to have to remind myself all the time.


I noticed that even when I am IMAGINING a conversation, I see myself complaining about something.
I need to stop that because it doesn’t improve the situation or makes anyone happier.

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