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Hm... add an hour buffer

I’m still swamped with things to do, but I am starting to figure out that scheduling an hour buffer between appointments and being able to take something out of my schedule makes me less stressed.

Also, instead of just having a list of things to do, I am scheduling by the hour and also by the location. For example, when running errands, I plan my appointments according to where things are located, so that I can save gas as well as time.

this problem leads to more problems....

because of this problem of lack of time management, i can’t prioritize… i am late to EVERYTHING, i end up staying up late almost every night, and i have no energy for anything, meaning i have no energy to spend quality time with my son or boyfriend, and i’m too tired to see friends. makes me feel more down, and i just dont function right at all. at work i’m too tired to care or i just dont have the energy to do my best. lol.. its really a downhill spiral. i must learn to say NO when talking too long on the phone, visiting my boyfriend or friends, and when getting on the evil internet. =) also, lack of sleep causes one to get sick and gain weight… hehehhe..

oddly enough.. i’m rarely late on paying bills or meeting deadlines when it comes to assignments… who knows…

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