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Slow and steady

This is actually one goal that I do work towards every day. I’ve lived in Poland since October 2009, and my boyfriend’s parents don’t speak any English. I take lessons every week, and I think I am B2 level (upper intermediate). But Polish is so bleeping hard that I still can’t understand a thing when people speak fast, and I still haven’t covered all the grammar basics (I “know” 5 out of 7 noun cases plus liczba mnoga, 3 tenses with 2 aspects, comparative and superlative adj/adv, and I can make myself understood in any relatively normal situation). Sometimes I am proud of how much I have learned in a short time period, but sometimes I feel like I will never reach any level of fluency. Ever. Shame on Polish for being such a hard language! And shame on me for not realizing how easy I had it back when I was studying Spanish in school! I wish I had been as motivated back then :)

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