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Over the hump

This is another processural one, but I think I’m making enough of a go of it – friends, kids are happy, garden is in good shape. Check.

Fabulous day`

Went to a festival here in town today and ran into someone we knew. Ended up eating lunch with them, took great pics of their kids and ours. Went out for pizza with another friend. Looks like were starting to get settled here…with time (sigh!)

Summer festivals

We have been getting out to summer festivals – Pride, and now the art festival is coming up. It makes me happy to live here!

Blossoms forming...

I am trying very hard to focus on bringing joy into the lives of others around me. And ya know what? It brings people into my life…telling me about the garden they’re growing, the struggles they are having with their kids. Also, I invited a group to go to the farmer’s market for dinner and we got about ten people to show up. Not bad!

New town, hometown

I am here in my new town. It was not my first choice originally. I would have never said “this is the place where I want to spend the largest chunk of my life.” But I don’t want to move my AC and I want to put down roots. Today the NYT wrote about “relos,” upper middle class folks who relocated over and over for upward mobility. Fancy cars and clothes replaced the status markers of more settled elites. I thought YIKES, we’ve moved as much as these relos. I ain’t gonna do it. I don’t want the status markers. I don’t have the fancy anything. I just want friends and to use the mental energy spent relocating to create joy, peace and justice. Here’s to blooming.

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