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Learn another language

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I’ve got a French language CD and an Italian Language CD I’m hoping to atleast learn the basics before my planned trip to Europe next year.

I bought some CD's

well I bought some CD’s for French and Italian. It will be a challenge to learn both at the same time, but I’m up for it actually I took French is High School so hopefully this CD will be a refresher course. I have over a year to master the basics of the languages I think I can do it. it will make my trip next year all the more enjoyable if I can communicate

going to try

well in about a year and a half I’m going to France and Italy so I’m going to get a few books or tapes to try to atleast learn the basic phrases I’ll need for my trip

I want to do this

I want to learn another language most other countries people know two languages I wish America Emphasized learning other languages in school besides the two years in high school. I took French, but I don’t remember hardly any of it. I have relatives that live in Brazil and they speak Portuguese (spelling?) so I’d like to maybe learn that, but I’m also interested in French and Spanish.

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