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stop being scared of using the phone

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I'm not the only freak then! ;)

Hi all,

So glad that you’re all trying to work on the same thing as me – didn’t think anyone else would be!

I used to have Social Anxiety Disorder too until I got treated with NLP and hypnotherapy. However, this is one remainder from those scared days and I don’t even know why!

I have no issues talking to people face to face, but I don’t even like picking up the phone to friends and I hate making calls at work.

I think it might be 2 things – maybe knowing it is not as easy to say ‘no’ to things (thinking up excuses etc without being able to show body language). Also I sometimes think I’ll be disturbing people (even if I might be phoning for their own benefit).

Argh, I don’t get it but I need to work on it now as it is starting to effect my work. Would love to share what works with you guys. Good luck all – let’s get over this!

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