mycapaciousbottega in London is doing 36 things including…

get photos of the 43 shittest Origami known to mankind

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This goal...

is now offically over :wipesbrow:

I just want to say thank you to all my fans and oops that’s my oscar speech. Ta Tokyo for extending the invite my way :)


p.s confession time – I had a hand in the making of the piece entitled jesus on a cross but as in I got my best mate drunk supplied the paper and whinged incessantly about camera angles but it is she that produced the masterpiece so the overall accolade should go to her. This is probably why it is not very shit because if I had, it bleeding well would be.

Anyway its the thought and effort that counts hey _

I present to you....

Jesus on a cross


Okay, I am creative but not arty. Origami counts as art to me so I guess I am going to have to persuade other people to engage in origami for the good of the ‘team’ goal.

Note to self – sort out digicam ‘issues’in readiness to capture the (non)greatness of origami art…

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