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I no longer

live in the place with no laundry. Yay! I also pay way less rent. Double yay!

I’m in a different town, and I am enjoying being here so far. It’s not especially tidy, but it is reasonably spacious.

Thinking of moving again, back to the big city.

Not sure how that will pan out yet, so in the meantime, I will make a new mini goal to throw stuff out, and pare down what I’d have to move.

I’ll be nice to feel more mobile, for sure. It’s amazing how household ‘stuff’ becomes a burden sometimes (when you want to move around) – on the other hand, I do want a stable home eventually (Soon, preferably!) so I guess I have a bit of a nesting mentality these days. But when it comes right down to it, I KNOW this region is just not the right place for me.

Well... as of today,

I live in the place with no laundry. It’s a nice place, more spacious than my last place. But it will take a while to make it tidy, because I had to move all my stuff in 4 hours, and I have WAY too much stuff.

I will put away the things that I use regularly… but there are several boxes of stuff which I rarely use. I’m going to have to purge some of it – a lot of it is papers. I hate going through old papers, coursework, etc… But I can’t keep hauling all this crap around.

And tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping. I’m getting really tired of eating pasta and canned fish. Need veggies!

Unfortunately I am sick – cough, cold, stuffed nose, no voice. Good times.

The potential new place

is all right, it’s a bit out of town, but not too far. BUT there’s no laundry.

I hate hate hate going to a laundromat. I hate everything about it. I hate needing the right coins, I hate having my underwear out in public, I hate having to sit around and wait for an hour or two in a dingy little place, a couple times a week. Ugh.

The last time I lived in a place with no laundry facilities, I was 18. I’m now 36, and I still remember how much that sucked.

this afternoon

I’m going to check out a new place – hopefully it’s nice. It’s affordable, and on the ocean, but I was told my room wouldn’t have much of a view. Hope it’s awesome anyway!

The place I’m in now is just… so not me. The woman who owns the place (and is a roomie) is a nice enough person, but not a person I would be friends with normally. Friendly acquaintances, sure. Friends, no. She gossips like mad, doesn’t allow us to turn the heat on even when it’s cold, and I’m discouraged from having friends over. WTH? I’m 36, and I’m paying rent. I want to be comfortable and I want to have an out of town guest for one night, once in a while.

I think, for me, my living environment is unusually important.

Many people I know can live happily anywhere that is cheap. I seem to have more particular needs – it really affects a lot of other aspects of my day-to-day life.

I need privacy, but I prefer to have roommates so I don’t feel isolated and lonely.

I need to feel like I can have friends over – to visit, out-of-town friends to stay overnight, and yes, even a romantic partner over.

I need windows/ light. And heat – a reasonably consistent temperature.

Relatively central location.

Interesting walking routes nearby, forest trails or a beach!

And, probably some other stuff, but I can’t think of the other parts yet.

I haven't moved yet.

The chicken thing was a smelly fiasco, but rent is really cheap here. I’m looking at paying nearly double to live in a different place.

The baby is ok, actually. He doesn’t cry that much, considering. It’s September now – I don’t know if I can stand another winter season here. The heat flies out of this house, and the landlady is a heat-nazi. I can’t stand being cold 24/7.

There are a few other considerations too…

I think it's nearly time to move again.

Have lived in this house 3 months. It’s an OK house, but really cold in winter. Landlady (who also lives there) is pregnant – due in summer, she is also planning to get chicks in May, which will live in the bathroom, apparently. It’s right next to my room, and they will be noisy and smelly. When I mentioned this, she didn’t seem to care, so I guess she’s not concerned about whether she continues to receive rent. (Good luck getting someone new to move in when you’re about to have a baby!)

I don’t think she realizes that our other roommate is already planning to leave too.

I have a few more things

to put away to make myself better organized.

Actually, quite a few things. But it’s liveable.

I’ve been sick in bed for the past 4 days so everything’s kind of jumbled and messy but I’m starting to feel better (and a little restless) so today I’ll start getting things DONE!

Close enough.

My new place is tidy. It’s not all that spacious, bt that just means I have to put about half my stuff in storage, then I will have adequate space.

And if I need more space, I can always just go outside for a walk.

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