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become a primary school teacher

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Year 2 of degree

I am half way through my second year and I think I am really struggling. I have just have the worst teaching practice ever with the most unsupportive class teacher. Received no help and now I have to do the placement again next year. I honestly think that this teacher had something against me, I knew that I wasn’t perfect but that’s why we have placements to learn from established teachers!!!! I had started to doubt whether I am cut out to be a teacher. I refuse to give up seeing as a received an execellent report last year from the SAME school.

Started University!!!!

Well i am finally here!!! i have moved to manchester and have started my degree. it has been a bit of an overwhelming experience, leaving home, family and friends, but i am slowly getting used to it. the first week was pretty hard going as its a lot to take in. i moved into my flat and met the people i will be living with for the next year, then started university the next day and met my group. i just wanted to cry on the first day!(i kind of know what children must feel like on their first day at a new school!!!) but now that i have made friends and started the lectures, i am actually feeling a lot more positive. i know i really want to become a primary school teacher and the lectures are really great. we start school experience placements in november. i can’t wait.

Been accepted!!! Yay!!!

Received a letter yesterday from the university where I really want to go to! I really didn’t think they would accept as I felt I was really pants in the written task! But it’s all good. I also received offers from two other Universities but was really hoping to get into Manchester. I am so excited, I start in september. I know I am really going to miss being a Nursery Nurse but I can’t wait to become a teacher!!!


Well I have a couple of interviews. The first one being this coming wednesday. I am pretty nervous. There is going to be a lot to get through during the day and I just hope I get through it all in one piece!!! Wish me luck!

Process started

Well I am in the middle of filling out an application form for Universities. The personal statement was a killer! I hate writing those things but I finally finished it and hope it will impress somebody enough to let me onto a degree in Primary Education I am just waiting for someone at work to write me a reference and with any luck I can send it all off. (fingers crossed!!!)

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