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start riding my bike short distances instead of driving - or, drive less

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in the most bike-friendly town in the world. = EASY.

it's official!

I’ve ridden my bike to actually go somewhere I would normally drive to! woohoo! haha. rode my bike with a friend to the climbing gym and back, stopping for groceries on the way. along a busy street, some difficult hills. my butt got an 8-mile workout!


Last night I dreamed that I biked over to a friend’s house but got lost on the way. Instead I came across a large building with large plastic flaps covering the doors. The plastic was splattered with blood, and when I looked inside, I saw the floor was completely covered with brutally massacred and skinned pigs, interspersed with a few human cadavers, also skinned. Their eyelidless eyeballs stared out of their skulls at me. I got the hell out of the place and my bike was gone. I hope this horrible dream isn’t some omen warning me that biking will only lead me to bad places! ha.


took 2 bike rides today! woohoo.. but I had no particular destination. gotta start biking INSTEAD of driving, not just in addition to driving. too bad I live on a huge frickin hill.

new bike!!!

well, old bike. my grandma has stopped using her bike and gave me hers, woohoo! it’s actually quite a good road bike, much better for street biking then my heavy mountain bike. the front brake is stuck so I’ve got to fix that, but I plan to be riding it soon…


have been living with friends for several weeks and carpool with two of them to school, and one to work. saves some gas. I still pay. :|

this is hard because

I live up on this big hill, and everywhere I go is at least a couple miles away. still, I want to get used to riding my bike at least a little, so I can get some exercise in the summer, not be a gas hogger, and get ready for hopefully using my bike in college! :)

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