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I ACTUALLY completed this goal now.

I marked this goal as complete a while ago, but I should have waited until now. Now that I live in an apartment with just my friends – not in dorms with daily food from the dining halls – I cook/prepare my own food every day, usually 3 times a day. I completely surprised myself, but I am LOVING it! I have had quite a few failures, including some very doughy Korean scallion pancakes, but also a very many successes, such as homemade yogurt, homemade tortillas, rainbow chard & yam quesadillas, bok choi and kale stir fry, grilled onion/apple/gouda sandwich, arugula/fried egg sandwich, yummy potato/egg/veggies combos, etc. I cook more than most all of the college students I know, who buy frozen meals and eat out frequently – this may save time but it’s so unsatisfying and expensive! I do have more time in my schedule than most people, but now that I’m enjoying cooking so much, I know I will make time for it no matter what :)

Farmers’ market ingredients are the best! Trying to buy everything in season, as local as possible, and organic when I can. It’s not as expensive as one would think!

Helping out

I cooked with my dad today:
Mango chutney, fried lentil ball things in a tomato cream sauce, potato/onion/spices/etc dish, yummy farmers market chai tea, and pilau rice. You could smell it all cooking from down the street.. Yum!

cooking as a form of procrastination

made kale chips with sesame seeds, roasted chickpeas with garam masala, and no-bake snack bars this weekend. yum!

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