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go camping this summer

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2 nights in Bodiam.....

With my two youngest children and a friend and her daughter.

I wanted to go for a couple of nights first just to check out the tent we were given, putting it up alone and travelling/camping with the little ones alone.

We had a wonderful time making fires, swinging across rivers and climbing hay bales(though we discovered the tent leaks and I had to spend £60 getting the gas and other bits to get the camping cooker working) and I will definitely take the children again – shame we’re at the of the summer and the weather probably won’t be good enough again until next year!

Decisions, decisions...

...I’ve been looking at campsite online as we want to camp in August and a lot of sites book up quickly.

I started looking at smaller, family and dog friendly sites near the sea, then I moved on to looking at holiday parks where you can camp (the type with pools and entertainment etc). I may have made the mistake of showing K the website for one such site and she loved the look of it.

This evening I have realised two flaws in this plan. Firstly, for 2 tents, 2 cars, 4 adults, 2 children and the dog in peak season we will be looking at just under £600 for a week. Factor in petrol, food, drink, activities etc and the price gets a little ouchy.

Secondly, the dog cannot swim in a pool, a lot of beaches don’t let dogs visit in the summer months, dogs cannot go to evening entertainment shows or eat in restaurants. I suddenly realised I hadn’t thought this through properly.

I’ve gone back to my first plan and found a lovely woodland site. It’s already booked up for all the summer weekends but we could get 4 days during the week, which migh tbe better anyway given that camping with children and a dog probably will probably be quite hard work!

Hubby likes the plan so I just need to run it by K and then as soon as we have a dry day get the tents out to check them for damage/size etc.

I love camping!

I went quite frequently as a child but as an adult I bought into the seduction of all inclusive package holidays abroad as my ‘ideal’ holiday.

Hubby and I took K camping when she was about 6 and we took K and Jimmers when they were age 10/1 but we really want to go again. Friends very kindly gave us a huge tent when they moved away and we haven’t used it yet.

To do:

  • Get out both tents to check for damage/parts etc as soon as the weather improves.
  • Shortlist some UK campsites
    - beach or woods?
    - pool & park?
    - shops & restaurants to walk to?
    - must take children & dog!
  • Book something for the summer hols!!
  • Check all equipment

I’m really excited about this!

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