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naughtyminx78 has written 4 entries about this goal

With one comes the other!

I have found that improving my self-esteem has improved my confidence no end. I feel a deep sense of assurance that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I feel okay about myself. I can walk out of my house without feeling self conscious and paranoid.

My head is held a little higher and my smile a lot wider!

Internal confidence

I think I have generally focussed on external confidence – how I come across to others and how I handle myself. I am begining to realise that I have neglected the importance of inner confidence.

Gradually I am finding my inner confidence – I do believe in myself – I just need to re-harness this when the going gets tough!

Bizarre observation

For some reason when I see someone less confident – I become more confident. I often feel kind of protective and that gives me added confidence!

I can do it at work!

Some people may find they are the opposite way round but I find I can be quite confident at work (sometimes) but when I’m at home or socialising I lack confidence big time. Pretty interconneted with the need to improve my self-esteem I think.

Feel pleased though that I managed to stand up for myself (appropriately) in an inter agency meeting today. I was the ony representative from my agency and a woman from another agency challenged my assessment, quite aggresively I felt. I clearly and confidently stated my reasons and reiterated my assessment. Seeing as I was in a meeting full of people I do not know I felt quite proud of myself!

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