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Go someplace very, very dark and look at the stars all night


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Honeymoon boat trip

On our honeymoon to the Maldives one of the first things my husband and I noticed was how dark it was and how clear that made the skies.

One of the most amazing moments of our honeymoon was going on a midnight fishing trip on a flat wooden boat where we lay on our backs, in the middle of the Indian Ocean gazing at more stars than we have ever been able to see in our lives.

It was so significant to us as our first cinema trip when we were dating was to see ‘The Beach’ and our song became ‘Spinning Away’ where the French girl is showing Leonardo DiCaprio the stars. My husband proposed to that song and it was our first dance at our wedding – so to have that moment on out honeymoon was the perfect moment that money could not buy!

I hope we can do it again one day.


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