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fast for two days


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navilane has written 4 entries about this goal

Breaking the Fast

Okay so I could go on with this but it’s starting to feel pointless. Yes I am capable of going the extra 12 or so hours it would be to do a complete 48 hrs but I just fail to see the point. I don’t know that I would do this again. I don’t really treat my body so bad that I need days and days to detox. So I am going to break my fast by eating a tangerine now maybe some more fruit later today, and then some fruit and veg tomorrow then I will add grains and proteins on Monday.

So the knowledge that I gained from this experience is that I can say no to food when I’m not really hungry and that sitting at the computer for long periods of time makes me want to mindlessly eat.

24hrs in....

I was really hungery before bed last night and had a massive headache. When I awoke this morning those symptoms were gone, and now I feel fine again. I am going to continue this until noon and see if I feel like I am still making progress.

12 hrs in...

You know I’m not really hungry yet only slightly. I have slight headache now but that could be from all the time I’ve spent at the computer today. I should also clarify I am doing a juice fast with pomegranate and freshly squeezed orange juice, plus I put lemon and lime wedges in my water. I’ve even noticed one of my eating triggers by doing this. When I know I’m going to be sitting at the computer for a while working on something it’s a trigger to grab a snack. That type of behavior is definitely mindless eating. When I think back I can remember doing this many times even over the past week or two. Maybe that where some of my extra weight has been coming from?

All in all I am pleased with my fast so far.


I am doing a short juice fast while E is away. I want a chance to meditate on my life and to detox. I will be starting tonight after dinner :)

EDIT….how about today after the gym, for sure this time :)


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