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Signed the papers last friday and moved out last saturday…feeling much better already.

closing approaching...

finished final “walk through” today and everything was fine. all repairs were made and we are ready to roll. closing is on friday and i am moving on saturday. can’t WAIT!!!

almost over!!!

the repair guy is coming this afternoon to work on the short list of items that i have to get fixed. i finally found an apartment. it isn’t the perfect place, it has some issues and isn’t in the neighborhood that i wanted, but at this point i am just so happy to be getting out of this house and also i am happy to have a plan…for a while there i didn’t know where i was going to live. (hate that feeling) i am soooo ready to not be a homeowner. i guess now i have to deal with the landlady…again, just so happy to be out of this ordeal that dealing with her seems very minute…one week left. i am having a huge yard sale tomorrow, and of course it is supposed to RAIN…i guess a lot of this stuff i have been saving for this sale will end up on the street. still…HAPPY and finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel: what i have learned, home ownership isn’t for everyone!!! and the american dream is a little bit strange…


the appraiser comes tomorrow, once that is done i can most likely sign a lease for a rental property. just ready for this to be over..i had no idea how much stress this was going to involve…way worse than buying it…

sold sign in the yard...

not officially sold, but once i get past all of these stipulations and processes i am OUT OF HERE. i am freaking out a little because i don’t have a place to live yet. i am having a hard time finding a place that allows a dog and two cats. i feel like i need to find a place, but i am having difficulties since i can’t sign a lease until this is a “done deal” sooooooo ready for this to be over. pain in the @#$!!!!!!!

crooks and liars

my eyes have really been opened to how crooked and slimy the real estate industry is. everything in the contract is so carefully worded that they can really say and do anything with no repercussion. after reading through all of my paper work i realized that i got gipped into paying an extra 3% toward her commission. (through assisting the buyer with 3% of closing costs). it wasn’t until i read the buyers agreement (which the agent “told” me didn’t have any concern to me) that i realized that i had been tricked. i guess originally i was happy with the outcome of the agreement, ignorance is bliss, i should just accept it and get over it. i guess she didn’t think i would be smart enough to read through it and figure her out. soooooo over this whole nightmare. i’m ready to be done with this and MOVE OUT AND MOVE ON!!!!!


so the news showed up at my open house today. it’s so funny because i cried and cried at my last open house and today the local news showed up…i already have a buyer… just gotta get through the inspection…yea!!!!!!!!!!! ready for this to be OVER!


I can’t believe it. I signed the papers last night. I am FREAKING out…I gotta find a place to live now…yikes! It was so dead and then suddenly someone came along that is apparently in love with the place. I guess we gotta get through inspection now. I am still having an open house today to get ready for…freaking out…

an offer!!!!

for full asking price!!! except i pay 3% towards closing costs. considering i have only had 3 people come LOOK at the place i am very pleased. we will see what happens. i am not counter offering…just accepting…excited and FREAKING OUT!!!


i have an interested party but they have to sell their house first. although it probably won’t pan out, it feels so good to have some interest from someone. i have an open house this weekend…hopefully people will actually SHoW UP this time.


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