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Meditative Writing Class     Develop “Inspiration on Demand” Write Now. In NYC or Online.

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one of my blog entries will be posted on an online journal

first time a blog entry is published elsewhere! this is a small but important step to getting more readership and exposure, and involving myself more in that community!

this is my blog

in case anyone is interested

new year's resolutions

I’ve set 3 2013 resolutions on here that highlight specific writing goals. I am truly inspired and I think I’m getting better. Not sure if I will get ‘paid’ or when I can write professionally, but my goal this year is to just practice and get my work out there, get something published. I feel that these goals are truly realistic at this point in my life.

1. write a short story (I think that i’m no good at fiction but how will I know unless I try?)

2. get 1000 followers on my blog

3. get published on a website other than my blog

no matter what style ...

I want to push my writing skills, ability and focus to the next level. This means practice and work.

I tell people all the time: I don’t even care if the subject matter is boring, or if I’m not writing ‘full’ time, or even if sometimes it’s editing or proofing. I just want to DO it, MORE!

Well, actually I DO do it all the time. I just figure someone should pay me since I do it anyhow…

i've been blogging

and people have been reading, which makes me want to do it more! must keep up the positive feedback cycle.

let's just say that

I do write every day, but it’s more in my journal than audience-ready, or publishable. There has to be a way i can step out of this, every morning.


i’ve been looking into journalism programs, just to see what it would take. i recognize that the jobs are becoming more limited but it would be a truly great degree to just have.

it is too much to go to school full time now, but i’m really close to taking a proper writing class. finally, a writing class! i can’t believe i haven’t taken one in all these years of getting into debt taking random courses.

actually that’s a lie, i’ve taken a couple – sort of – but nothing really directed to the real world (or even super creative). I think i just got my dose of academic writing …which isn’t even (usually) practical outside of university.


Silent Writers collective

Have not yet tried it, but it’s a good weekly goal just to be writing ‘with’ people-

some goals

I have some goals in mind for writing, right now one is to enter a poetry and short story contest. But mostly I want to just practice getting it out there and getting people reading, whether it be via blog posts, yelp reviews, short articles that I do voluntarily, whatever…the main thing is that I do it and get it out there.

I actually have a ton of writing just lying around that I could get out there, so I’m trying to focus on finding/editing what I do have, or at least using topic ideas that I’ve had for a while.

The focus is not creating MORE work but using what I have.

no excuse

I am now done a fairly gruelling school schedule and I have NO excuse to not be writing. Lots of time on my hands. Granted I want to spend alot of it doing self-care/leisure activities, but part of that really IS writing. I want to publish and/or get paid to write for work…sooooo that is where I must start.

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