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This is Halloween… This is halloween…..


Just about Halloween! _ who’s looking forward to it? Imma be a candy-begging hobo. Or just lurk in the woods ad hope the bears dont maul me.


Heyo! It’s a Keno!
What goes on thats interesting? Nothing entertaining is happening! ><
Just been thinking of how much we humans, as a species, suck. A random dude at the grocery store tells my sister that he hopes her hurt foot gets better and I immediately think hes strange… thats not good. Sometimes I think it’d be better to just get rid of us all. :D on that happy note I have nothing of relevance. climbs a tree and ninjas away


Whoa, I just noticed I have 12 subscribrs… O.o

Anyone wanna confess to being a keno-stalker? X3

In other news, NOTHING. Except…. I frickin’ love fall.

....listen to Evillious Chronicles. And if you don’t, I will find you. And I will kill you.


Deadline met WG! :D What i found most interesting was that instead of the usual flimsy excuses you simply exploded and never gave a reason why you couldn’t post proof.

In other unrelated junk…
Demons, monsters, and death personified. Yay!

Winged Gamer

Seeing as you delete my comments,and have blocked me, I have to write a post. =_= meh.

I submit to you a challenge, for all to see. By noon on Saturday (Pacific standard time), submit photographic evidence of your wings as proof. Specifically, a photo of where the wing connects to your back, and preferably a full wing one (though the latter is not necessary). Failure to provide such evidence shall result in your dismissal as yet another in a long line of frauds, as you have no reason to not provide evidence. Blatant refusal to accept the challenge will have the same result. Compliance with believable photos will result in much hope for everyone on here. I do hope you pick that second outcome. Of course, there is a third option… If you are not authentic, then simply admit it by the allotted time and you shall be forgiven. Maybe you simply starved for attention, maybe you get your kicks from lying… whatever the reason, it will be a clean slate.
I look forward to the outcome of this. -Keno


Man, i just love it with all the debate/arguments and fake hunters. So much bttr now that people arent posting their “progress” posts. No one ever gets real progress anyways. It just makesthem feel better. Its so dull. Its horrible, i know, but conflict is so much more interesting.


Ya know, im actually happy to have trollslike otherkinslayer. They mae this goal interesting. Undoubtedly a hoax, most likely performed by the very “targets” on the list, but interesting nonetheless. At base, its fun wondering who will end up on the list and who will just be floating around the posts placing generic comments.


Which is worse: That sick fucks get their kicks from failing to scare people on the internet, or that they actually have the TIME to because they lack social lives. Assuming, of course, its not someone on this goal who just got bored. Thats, i think, a likely possibility. All i know is….


A side note…

Ive read that witches, REAL witches not the kind that dance around at the solstice (lol futurama reference), used to give transform their bodies to temporarily have wings through magic that used feathers, i think usually from a crow, as a focus. So there is precedent to this stuff. Im lazy, and im not growing wings so im not gonna look deeper into this, but some of you might want to.

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