Alejandro in Colombia is doing 18 things including…

speak english fluently

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Alejandro has written 6 entries about this goal

Going pretty well

This one is almost done. Some days ago, I went to these meetings where people were speaking nothing but english and while being in there, I noticed that my fluenty had improved quite a lot. It seems that it is just a matter of attending to more of those conversations and by then I will be done :)

I would need lots of practice ...

... to speak it as fast as other people do. I know that I can read and hear pretty well, I also know that I can speak it but I have to do it slowly … has to be with my brain getting use to it I guess. For now, it is not a priority and with what I know so far is enough but of course, I will improve it on later.

I've been practicing!

... with this dude that I met at Herbalife. He is from Miami and he is 71 years old. I had noted that he had few people to talk with (his spanish sucks) so I’ve been trying to make him company every time that I can. Once we were at this meeting and I saw that he had a tattoo so I asked him about it and he showed me another 3 and told me when, where and how he got them. Hehehe, let’s just say that he is crazy as hell … if you knew those histories.

Anyway, I’ve been practicing yes :D

Uhmmm, weird ...

I’ve been practicing like I promised it and I’m not sure if it is because I’m tired (was a long day) but after a while of reading english I started feeling my throat tired too … I could do some research, if by trying the pronunciation of a foreign language one spends more throat.

Anyway, for now, bed time.

Just changed the order of my goals

I will try btw 20 and 30 minutes of pure english loud reading every day. That should work.

Edit. The tittle because sometimes one has to do a couple of things first before doing a 3rd one.

Easy one

I already know how to write well (I’m still improving it … did I mention I learned by my own? I’m proud of that!). I’ve always have this thought that having a great english would make things easier once I start doing other goals like knowing the world and metting S. That’s why I will start reading loud different kind of writings, to improve my pronuanciation and my fluidity as well.

Credits for Google Traductor, has been my right hand in this process.

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