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Learn how to play electric guitar

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As part of my "surviving comps" celebration...

I have ordered Rocksmith and am anxiously awaiting it in the mail. I really hope it helps, can’t wait.

Starting 2010 off ...

with a lot of practice this morning. It is easy to be away from something for a month or two and forget why it made you so happy in the first place.

This year I hope to have an entire song down. Yay!

Investing is already going a long way...

I decided to cough up some cash and take guitar lessons from a local guy. I had my first lesson today and I honestly think I learned more in this one day with him than in the past three months on my own.

We are going to meet every couple of weeks because money is tight. My homework now consists of practicing America’s Horse with no name, A Grateful Dead Song, and my choice, Free falling by Tom Petty.

A, D and C major down, many more to go

I’ve learned a few chords, trying to learn at least 2 new ones each week. Pretty soon I’ll have a pretty good background to actualy play a song.

Learned some basic chords today....

I’ve been trying to learn off of Youtube and some other websites but having someone here show me what to do has really helped.

This is pretty cool, I didn’t realize that most songs are really just several of the same chords played over and over again.

Just got one!!!

I just got the greatest electric guitar for Christmas. I have learned how to tune it and will be trying to pick up tabs here in the near future. I am so excited!

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