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I am such an avoider… Hiding when overwhelmed…

Even my use (or non-use) of 43things helps me see this.

The bigger things are, the less I talk. But at least there are a few close to me that I am keeping in continual contact with, who know what is going on.

Change, on several fronts, is in the works.

Meanwhile, it is good to have this ‘goal’ to fill in.


I really don’t know how to use that thing properly.

Which means, I don’t really know how to measure my own morale!

I think sometimes I just pick out the biggest highlight of the day, and choose a number according to that. Meanwhile, the overall situation might feel quite different!

I just don’t know how to combine all the aspects of myself together.
In the meantime, I like that I seem to be towards the higher end of the scale, even while having a fair bit weighing on me!

I find having this goal...

to be very comforting.

I’ll wait a bit to decide if I’d like to keep it.

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