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newbeginning17 has written 3 entries about this goal

Going Well

I found a great church to go to.
And a really good Christian friend who has been helping me out. Its nice having someone I can talk to about God, and we’re doing a bible study together.

I also plan to go away on a church resort and help out with some of the activites they have.

My first night at youth group was this week and I was a little uncomfortable with how different things were. But it was a really amazing experience.

I finally feel like I’m on the right path and I’m ready for God to use me, and to be an example to others.

On the Right Path.

Although this is the most important goal, it also seems like it is the easy to fall behind in. Since my last entry, I have found a church to attend, and I’m getting involved in their youth group. I am going to a leadership conference through the church, and plan to start helping out and going on Wednesday nights. The issue is, my parents don’t like large churches so I will probably go somewhere else on Sundays. AKA I’ll be divided betweeen 2 churches. I think its ok because God doesn’t care where we go, but that we worship him and understand how blessed we are.

Also, I got a Max Lucado book for Christmas, and its just such an amazing book to read. I love his work because it really makes you re-evaluate what you think is important.

I went to Church Today

It was the first time In a long time.
I’ve been so afraid to go because I worried I wouldn’t get anything out of the lesson and my relationship with God (feeling like I understand/have a connection) is so fragile I was afraid I’d ruin it.
Even though the sermon was still long, I did learn something:
“Whatever you do, do it well because you are working for God”

I’m going to try to remember it when I grumble about having to do chores, or homework. Even though the work isn’t directly related to faith it is still a representation of my dedication to my religion and creator. It gives daily stuff a new purpose :)
I can’t wait to go back next week!

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