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color an entire coloring book

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Lisa has written 11 entries about this goal


I just finished my last page :)

Need the red, and the blue... wait no the green, how about yellow, ok done this page!

23 more pages to color :P
Wow I thought it was less…
again, they really DO pack a lot of pages into coloring books!

37 to go!

37 more pages, soon to be 36 as I will color one more page before bed. I’ve colored a lot since the last entry :D also I didn’t count some pages that I did last week because they are just activity pages so I don’t need to color them. I should be done soon heh.

ahh just counted the remaining pages.

I’ve colored a lot, but still 54 pages left of this coloring book… this might take awhile.. :P they sure pack a lot of pages in here.

Colored again today :D

I colored another page today, I’m planning on focusing on this way more now so I can get it done! :)

Color me

Tonight I colored Kanga and Roo. Yes I am still coloring the Winnie the Pooh coloring book lol oh well one day I will be done! its fun to color sometimes :P feel like a kid again.

Coloring is fun

I am coloring a page right now, I really forgot about this so I’ll be starting it up again along with some more creative projects as well :)


hahah I have not been colouring lately. Better get on that!! need to mark this as done haha

coloring as we speak..

I’ve colored…. 91/2 pages, and still lots more to go! this is taking much longer than I thought it would :P but it’s kinda nice sometimes.

Bought one :)

I bought a Winnie the Pooh coloring book today and some new crayons as well.. hehe I’ve colored one page so far.
It is pretty relaxing, it feels nice, listen to some uplifting music at the same time. It takes my mind off of the adult worries and I can just be a kid for awhile and be in the moment.

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