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Create a beautiful uplifting morning routine

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I have been reading a passage each day from “The magic”
writing affirmations
writing a list of ten things I am grateful for
having morning coffee, breakfast, and breakfast television best way to wake up!

:) love my mornings

:) morning

Lately I write down my favorite affirmations and I say them aloud so I really hear them and feel them.
Then I might read a passage from the good morning book.
I might record some goals down for the day for nutrition or fitness goals.
I am doing really great with this and morning has become my favorite time of the day :)


I have been consistently reading the messages of the day from my good morning book. I have been watching my show.. I havent been consistent with washing my face, but when I do, I feel refreshed and happy. It’s been going well so far. I can also include things like “accomplish a goal” or watch bits of inspirational videos in the morning to get that burst of energy right at the beginning of the day. I will try that too. Learning a new sign in sign language each morning would be good for example.

been doing this.

I created a routine that included reading inspirational books and cleansing my face, watching a morning show, having my clothes prepared the night before.. it really has been helping me to wake up ready for the day and also get to work on time. I will keep this up and find out what really lifts me up and what doesn’t.

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