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little by little..

I organized a lot today and my room is looking really good. I went through papers and organized them into envelopes into a file so they aren’t all jumbled together anymore. It feels so much better to be in there now. I also created a system where i put all of my purse contents like keys, wallet ,phone into this little box so they are always there and i dont have to run around the house searching for the purse that does have those things inside. It’s an improvement :)

Getting there...

I’ve organized more of my school papers tonight and feel more relaxed. Everything has it’s designated place for my placement papers so I will be organized in that area. My room is still a mess, but my bag is organized for school and I try to pick clothes out for the next day the night before. So I’m making some progress now.
places to improve:
-clean and keep room clean
-put clothes away at night instead of putting them on the chair

good luck everyone!
Lisa <3

Getting better day by day...

I have actually seen progress on this goal. I go to bed earlier, I pack the night before for school and I am doing school work ahead of time so I don’t get stressed out. It’s getting better, but it will still be quite awhile until I can say “I am organized.”
things to work on:
-hang up clothes at night
-keep desk clean
-have assignments pretty much done 2 nights before due.

This morning.

This morning it was time to go to school. I was ready to go and then couldn’t find my folder that I needed. Then while I was walking to school I remembered that I forgot something at home that I couldn’t go without.. so I went back home to get it.. so annoying. I’m writing this out so I realise how badit is and how much I need to change my bad habits of procrastinating. This way of living makes me stressed and I am always looking for stuff and feel cluttered.
I could have had all my stuff ready in my bag last night and my outfit planned and felt relaxed. But no.
good luck to all of you!


getting there…
I’ve been keeping this goal in mind everytime I put my stuff down on the floor I think about bringing it up to my room instead, and tidying up once and awhile.

I've decided...

That next week I am going to try to do all of the things on my list of things that would help me get organized. This smaller goal should get me started in the longer and more overwhelming goal of being organized, because I don’t know when that will be!
good luck:)

organization list

-clean my room
-have school work and papers organized
-Know when all assignments are due
-be up to date with laundry
-keep all my bags and purses in my room so I don’t have to run around trying to find them.
-tidy my room daily
-pick out clothes the night before
-organize my clothes

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