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Time's still flying!

Now it’s 2 months since I started hemming my pants. It was too hot back then to wear long pants, but now it’s cooler, and I was looking in my closet thinking, “I could really use a new pair of pants or two.” Duh!

Time to get busy with this goal before summer comes back around again!

My, how time does fly! (I guess that means I must be having fun, right?)

It’s 13 months since my last post under this goal. About a week or two ago, I got those two pairs of unhemmed pants out of the closet and laid them on the bed, along with two pairs of the proper length, so that I could measure the length of my inseem and mark up the ones to be hemmed. They laid there on the bed collecting cat fur until this morning, when I finally made a start. I marked one pair up this morning, and made a start on the 2nd pair. The two hemmed pants are back in the closet where they belong, and the two to-be-hemmed ones are on the ironing board, relatively safe from the cat fur. Yay!

Very slow and very tedious progress...

After a couple hours of work tonight, I’ve finished sewing half the hem of the lining.
Now I remember why I don’t like sewing. It makes me feel like I have two left hands (and I’m not left-handed). For some reason, the material of this skirt is more difficult to work with than the last one. I keep thinking, “what if I spend all this time, and at the end it doesn’t come out right?”

Then I’ve spent a couple hours wasting my time sewing, instead of wasting my time surfing the internet, or reading, or the dozens of other ways that I find to waste my time. Oh, well. No harm done. And then there’s always a chance that it will come out just fine after another evening or two of work.

Problem solved...

I was having trouble figuring out how to mark up the hem on skirt #2. I used a lead pencil on skirt #1, but the material of skirt #2 is too dark in color, and I couldn’t see the pencil marks. I tried several other ideas that didn’t work, but I finally remembered that I had a white pencil, and that seems to work. Even though skirt #2 has a lining (2 hems required), I hope to finish it this week.

Babystep #1: Find something to measure with.

Arrggghhhh. Where is my tape measure?

Note to self:

See Have a place for everything and keep everything in it’s place!

I found the tape measure, and some pins, and pinned up the first skirt.

The good news: The new length looks good. :)

The bad news: I’ve gained some weight since the last time I tried the skirt on. :(

Still to do:
(1) cut off excess material. DONE 6/1
(2) iron. DONE 6/1
(3) sew the hem. DONE 6/4
(4) repeat for 2nd skirt and 2 pairs pants. Working on 2nd skirt lining
(5) stop eating so much pasta & go walking more often. Some progress
(6) put away the tape measure and the pins in their proper place.

I've got 2 pairs of pants and 2 skirts...

...that need to be shortened. Or, if I can’t hem them, I need to give them away.

I think I can hem them. The question is, am I willing to do it?

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