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20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday

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Sunday Questions report #4...

I actually got this done this week on this Sunday for a change, although I’m 2 days late posting an entry here.

And I actually stayed home 3 whole days last week, and took some painfully slow babysteps towards my #1 goal for the week, which was an accomplishment even though it didn’t seem like much of one. It seemed to help that I wrote at the start of the week that one of the things I was looking forward to was accomplishing my #1 goal.

Sunday Questions Report #3...

Deja vu all over again!

I failed to work on my questions Sunday, and I finally got around to it on Tuesday, just like the previous week.

And I have the same problem with deciding something is important to do THIS WEEK, and then failing to work on it, that I had the previous week.

What can I learn from this? That if I do the same thing in the coming week and expect different results, I’m insane?

Sunday Questions Report #2...

Two Sundays ago, I didn’t get around to answering my 20 questions. And last Sunday I started but never finished. I finally finished this evening, which is Tuesday already. Better late than never, I hope.

Sunday Questions Report #1

I asked myself the questions Sunday, but I didn’t get around to answering them until this morning, which is Monday. But at least I did answer them, even if a bit late.

It is interesting that I did not accomplish the one thing last week that I thought was most important for me to accomplish last week. Hmmm… So let’s see how I do this coming week.

Also, there was a whole lotta fear going on last week for me. I was just listening to a very interesting radio program last night (instead of answering my Sunday questions) where a social evolutionary biologist who is trying to transform a school in Binghamton, NY was talking about how important it was for the students to feel safe, because fear is toxic as a motivator for change in the long run. Maybe this week I can do a little work on my goal to befriend fear.

I've tried this for the past 3 Sundays...

...and it seems to help me review & focus. I think I’ll be answering the questions off-line, but maybe I can make entries here to record my progress.

I’m adding this goal after dropping these other two that were going nowhere fast:

“Review Goals Weekly”
“Be my own life coach”

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