New Isabella in Augusta is doing 38 things including…

learn how to use 43 Things


New Isabella has written 6 entries about this goal

I can't preview my new entries before I save them...

I suppose this is a problem with the new changes going on here right now, and I hope it will be fixed soon.

Yay! SEARCH is working again!

I noticed this week that the Search feature is working again for tags and goals and people, too!

Thanks, Robots, for fixing it. :)

What happened to the "search" feature at the top line of the screen on the right side?

I used to be able to search for people and for goals. Earlier this week it stopped returning any results for people. Now it has stopped returning any results for goals. The only thing I get in the search result are tags.

This is very upsetting.

I've learned something new today about 43-Things...

Last night I unintentionally set my PC clock back to June 2008. That caused all kinds of problems when trying to use 43-Things.

Fatigue last night....

caused me to forget that I have to click “change” (in small letters on the upper right side of the screen) after clicking “I’ve done this” on the goal screen, in order to then select either “Worth Doing” or “Not Worth Doing” for the completed goal. Thanks to flutter for the answer!

Possible senility or maybe bad eyesight?

I’ve marked 2 goals as “done” today, but as far as I could see, neither one gave me the opportunity to select “worth doing” or “not worth doing.” Did I miss something? I thought that in the past, right after I clicked “I’ve done this,” I was able to make that selection. But I couldn’t see it today.


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