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Good then Bad

Over my 2 week winter break, I exercised every morning when I woke up. Since I have gone back to school (which was only 5 days ago) I have only exercised twice. I guess thats not too bad, I just dont have the same motivation I had over break. I need to get back into a routine.


Last night, me and my sister ran around our neighborhood for about 20 minutes. I found out that I’m REALLY out of shape! she kept me giong though, b/c I felt the need to prove that I could. Thats why its good to have someone to workout with; they keep you motivated. Tonight We did taebo, and I did the whole 40 minutes instead of 20. I’m proud of myself!


I jogged for 15 mintues yesturday morning! I’m getting ready to jog again in a little bit.


I jogged for 15 mintues last night!! I’m so proud of myself. I didnt know I could run that long w/o stopping. I’m so out of shape. I did some abs today.

Last Night

I did taebo! I’m trying to workout more often.

Good Job!

I did 20 minutes of TaeBo, and then I jogged for 10 minutes on my tread mill. I’m going to do some abs later.


I take an aerobics class at school; I guess you could count that as exercising everyday. But, it doesnt really seem like a worked out that day if thats all I do b/c its a class so I HAVE to do it. I want to start exercising more on my own time. I’ve been doing better, but I still have more exercising to do.


So, I didn’t exercise yesturday. Well, I kinda did b/c I cleaned my bathroom and vaccumed the whole downstaris floor and it took me like, 3 hours. So, I guess you could count that, b/c it was quite a workout if I do say so myself.

Good Job!

I did taebo tonight. Yay! I was feeling kinda of hefty (and lookin it). I need to start exercising again. So today I did good.


I feel really fat today. Honestly, I thknk its b/c I’m having other problems, but I feel fat nonetheless. I need to exercise. I feel unhealthy.

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