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August 25 2012

I set myself some goals and achieved them, the first step to getting back on top of things!

July 31- August 2 2012

July 31 2012
It wasn’t what we wanted to hear from the Doctor.

August 1 2012
I am glad I can sew to relax.

August 2 2012
It was nice to spend time doing things with my sister and my children today.

July 30 2012

Winter viruses are bad here this year :0( luckily dh and I have not succumbed to them (touch wood)

July 29 2012

Long day very tired!

July 28 2012

I am so glad the migraine didn’t take hold!

July 27 2012

A busy day but a pleasant one for the most part!

July 26 2012

I wish I could get off this emotional roller coaster.

July 25 2012

It was nice to know I had brightened a friends day today.

July 24 2012

Another day of tests is done.

July 23 2012

The best thing about today was catching up with a friend over the phone.

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