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always live in abundance

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I have started re-reading Simple Abundance again to help me remember to do this!

I am going to use the book

“Simple Abundance” to help me focus on this more in 2010


I felt like I was living in abundance when I manage to come home from the grocery shopping with change today!

This is the quote that came up after I added

my entry about choosing:

“What are you prepared to give up in your material life to try to make your dream come true?”
- Gail Sheehy

I am prepared to give up my mistaken beliefs and my mistaken thinking, to allow my potential to be realised. I truly am blessed and live in abundance and joy!

I am now choosing

to be open to the universe, allowing it to provide me with all the beautiful, wonderful things that I deserve.

Just as I seem to get on top

something pops up to remind me that we have something else to pay for why does that always happen?

Things are definately looking up

I have a plan for the new year and a budget to help get our finances as abundant as the rest of our lives.

I think my more positive

attitude towards my finances and my excitement about getting back into my budgeting is helping me to assume abundance more

Realised today that

I need to change my thinking from not having enough to recognising that I do have enough. Like we have enough fruit to last a long time , thanks to our fruit trees, we have enough eggs thanks to the chickens, we have enough water thanks to the plumbing we have. Really we are much luckier than many others in the world, but have become so caught up in the Iwant more mentality that I have forgotten to count my many blessings

been focussing

on the abundance of good things in my life today, like my children, my family, my friends etc

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