Nicky in Santa Cruz is doing 7 things including…

read books

37 cheers


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Nicky has written 8 entries about this goal

finally something i am doing!

i am taking a class in literature and writing!

cajun history

i also read a book on cajun history. i know this sounds kind of sad but i have read two books recently and that is a big improvement for me.

i just read a novel

white noise by don dellilo
i recommend it!!

i think this is my next big thing

to get going on school and get better.

not my best one

i havent made any progress but i will.

okay not doing so good at this but i am going to be patient

i am just not making time to do this but i have a lot going on. i will get there.

plato republic

off to buy it tomorrow!

I need to get over the idea that reading is a school thing

Reading should be fun. I never make time for it.

Nicky has gotten 37 cheers on this goal.


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