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It took many years, and a last burst of quilting to finish this quilt. Only one mistake, but seeing as it was fairly roughly sewn together (I hate pins, so never use them), I am very happy with how it turned out. It is a very simple quilt block design, but the colours work so well!

Ready to quilt
Deciding on an easy quilt block pattern, and what colour threads to use is difficult! I have edged the quilt top, sewn a back, bought the padding and pinned it all together. It was the first time that my ironing board had been out in my current house, and we moved in ages ago! I hate ironing :-) It’s now ready to quilt, but I just have to make the last few decisions.
Progress was slowed, thanks to the nearby bushfire which resulted in us having to evacuate with the cats to a friend’s house (blogged here). Luckily the firefighters got this fire under control quickly, and we were able to return early the following morning. This particular fire burned 400 hectares, but no houses were lost. Unfortunately the other Victorian fires have cause so much loss of life and damage (blogged here). Hopefully from now on, the weather will remain cool and wet.

Most of the top of my quick and dirty quilt has been done. This lap quilt is going to be used a lot, and probably will become quickly covered in cat fur, so I didn’t spend much time piecing and pinning to get the corners of the pieces to line up. It really is an easy quilt pattern!
The next step is to edge, then add the batting and backing, and then quilt it.

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