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identify 43 things that make me happy.

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Watching my son play his instrument. He makes me proud.

#27 Thoughtfulness

I love it when someone does something for you just because.

#26 finding new foods I like

Since adopting a vegetarian diet I have become more adventurous and am trying many different kinds of foods I like. It’s kind of fun.

#25 Being appreciated at work

I have worked some really crappy jobs in the past and it’s nice to finally be working for a company that appreciates me.

#24 Having the house to myself

My son is staying the night with a friend and the boyfriend is crabbing with his cousin. The dogs are asleep and the house is quiet. I love it.

#23 Lazy Sundays

I love lounging around the house and relaxing in my PJs, ignoring all the chores that need to be done and just taking it easy. It’s a nice way to end a weekend before the start of a very busy week.

#22 When my son cooks for me

He made me a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and toast. It was a very nice Mothers Day gift.

#21 Lilacs

I have a bush in my yard that blooms beautifully each year. My grandma had some in her yard so they make me think of her when they bloom.

#20 A sunny day

I always love it when the sun comes out. I feel so alive and I actually get to wear my sunglasses. :o)

#19 Being Creative

I love to do crafts of all kinds. My favorite though would be stained glass. Now if I could just finish my craft room maybe I would be able to sit down and work on some stuff.

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