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run a 10K

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my damn knee

is preventing me from progressing in so many of my goals!! this is a major one of them.
i haven’t run since the premature decision of participating in a triathlon, or more accurately, of intensifying my training in what seems, in hindsight, like an irresponsible way.
it is almost 3 weeks now, and it really freaks me out that all i gained in such a long and excruciating manner will be lost. that i will have to start over. counting the minutes of continuous running…
can anybody lend me an advice? currently i am planning on swimmin 3 or maybe 4 times a week instead ofthe 2 times i do now. i am sure it won’t keep my running fitness, but at least i will maintain some of the overall fitness. right? :o(

from nothing to 5K

I am working on this for 3 months now.
I have never been an endurance athelete (or person for that matter…) and even though i used to play at the national handball league as a teenager, a back surgery set me back, and for 10 years i did almost no exercise.

for the passed 3 months i have been working on improving my running. and from not being able to even WALK 1Km, i am now combining walking and running for 45 minutes 3 times a week to reach about 5.3Km each time, and managing to run a full kilometer non-stop at a reasonable speed and not roll over and die.

It’s a start!

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