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Well I exercise practically everyday..

I’ve learned to just accept my body and appreciate it. I take pretty good care of it anyhow. I’ve wanted to get sculpted to the point of nice arms and perhaps a six pack on my tummy and blah blah blah but I’m okay with not having that. I’m pretty toned and people give me pretty good compliments. So I figure since I exercise practically everyday or atleast three days a week sometimes I’m okay. I get my ‘exercise’ in dancing to music on my iPod and I absolutely love it. I get that natural high that your body releases when exercising practically everytime I’m dancing and I dance for atleast an hour. I think of this time in a day as my stress relieving and fun time. I really do not think of it as exercise and think of it as fun and a treat for myself. I love this part of the day when I turn on my iPod and start grooving to great songs that make me wanna move! I’d suggest to anyone wanting to get in a “regimen” for whatever reason, to find your meditation in exercise that is, speaking of meditation, yoga is a pretty good one, it’s nice, slow, and peaceful and it’s effective on working out practically your entire body not to mention your mind and spiritual self. But definitely find something that you would enjoy doing and not have to think of as routine because who wants that?! you’ll get bored with that (I know atleast I do!). Find what you enjoy and what makes you have fun and have that great feeling of accomplishment and feel that good endorphin high!

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