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have no regrets

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I was wrong

I don’t regret it.
I don;t think I regret anything right now. There are always good things or at least thigs to learn even from the worst and most painful experiences we have. I am amased how I allowed myself to forget this and stop seeing it. It is great to be able to say – I have no regrets.
For me, once more, so I always remember how important is to be able to see the positive and to have NO REGRETS

I regret

one thing most of all

Is it possible at all?

To have no regrets? I still regret same things I did 2 months ago. And 1 or 2 more. And to think another 7 or 8 months ago I almost did not regret anything. I started to think it all depends on the state of mind. yep. i might be right about it. I will use colors again, as it is very easy to for people to visualise what is said this way. When I feel grey – blue – purpulish I tend to think more of the things that make me sad and that I don’t like, which makes me go back in time anf think – How did I get here? and there you go – a bunch of things to regret. On the other hand – when i feel – orange and pink and red, yellow, lime green, happy – then I realize – even things i’ve done that I considered bad or stupid before, that I considerede mistakes got me to the bright color – well of course i don’t regret it. I just tell myself: See it is a good thing it happened, otherwise I wouldn’t be here now. What I’m trying to say is – I need to find a way to get out of the grey. And I don’t know how to


I regret I ever got here. Not at 43 things, noo – I will never regret this. I mean I regret coming to the United States. And it is because I had a good life back home. Ever since I moved here I faced so many problems, and worries, and pain… But here are the reasons I should think of everytime I say I regret this – I wouldn’t meet all the fascinating people I know. I wouldn’t be able to speak English that well (I need to work on this more though), I wouldn’t (most probably) learn to ski and find out that I love skiing. I wouldn’t fall in love with this person, because I wouldn’t know him, and have my heart broken (well the second one is another thing I regret and I need not to). I wouldn’t think of starting something on my own, because if I have never come here, my life would go in a different direction. I wouldn’t have this baby – and she’s the light of my days. And knowing that I can always go back, but I still live here…. I can say – I don’t regret it!!! No I don’t! – And you know – I wrote this and I felt happy!

I'm tired

It’s almost 12am. I’m sleepy and I want to write something about this goal, but I think I’ll leave it for tomorrow. And i’ll see if I’ll list all the things I regret now, or maybe they will be less tomorrow morning when I wake up. Good night!

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