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3 years later

Three years later, I finally did this. After a painful relationship led to a breakdown, I sought help. I’ve only had 5 sessions, and it’s not easy to see yourself and your patterns, and most importantly try to change them, but I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

As my therapist says, “A bad day is not a give-up day.”

ready to do this.

i think, as counterintuitive as this may sound, now that i’m not so depressed, i think i am ready to see a therapist.
i think that i would be more open to suggestions, insight, and help into my situation and how to start to lead a life that makes me happy.
i will go through the list of therapists available to me through my insurance and start making calls.
i’m nervous though, i’ve never done this before. what do i say when i call?

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