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Keep track of all my quilting and sewing projects for 2010

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nonnacookbooker has written 15 entries about this goal

This goal has kept me VERY busy

for the past two months.

I had several quilt commissions, bags, cushion covers and wall hangings to make.

This year looks like it will be equally productive :)

Another cute...

dino bag for Tidds who has never lost her fascination of them ;-)

next will be a dinosaur quilt..!

Cushion cover...

for a Christmas in July gift ~

Suffolk Puff Bag...

that I made for my sister!

Nature's Corner ~

... a lovely snuggly quilt that I have decided to keep for myself. Perfect for winter evenings…!

Cushion cover...

made for a friend’s birthday ~

Peter Rabbit ~

I made this quick and easy quilt for a dear friend who is expecting her first little bubby …... it is heading off to the U.K…!

Heart and Home ~

.... finally complete..

This has been quite an adventure and labour of love. It has taken a few months to finish, but goodness there are a zillion pieces in this quilt that all had to be cut and put back together again.

I am giving this to Ume and Bren for their guest bedroom :)

I made a lovely

quilted bag and scarf for my sister’s coming birthday.

I simply can’t believe that I didn’t take a photo of them both. Sent them off and then the light bulb went on – omg!

Anyway, I will ask her to take a photo when she receives them, and hopefully I will be able to post it here…!

Floral Shopping Bag...

.... this is for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day Sunday week. I managed to complete it today ready for posting tomorrow!

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