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All moved

Now I’m all moved… it’s over except for a few things. No internet access from home until Wednesday. (No internet all weekend has made me a little twitchy!). Now it’s time to play catch-up with everyone here. What y’all been up to these past couple days?

Moving day today...

... I hope everything goes smoothly… I’m already stressed/nervous/worried to hell.

Almost done packing...

... just got a few boxes, clothes, and well, this computer!

Moving in on Friday or Saturday! A new stage in my life. :)

Checked out the apartment today...

Wow, it looks great. My closet isn’t as big as I thought it’d be, but the room is pretty big, and plenty of electrical outlets for me. ;) Also, my room has a lock on the door, just in case. :D There’s also a lake right across the street, so I can go there and watch the birds or just chill. It’s going to be expensive, but it’ll be worth it, at least.

Well, good news and bad news...

and this has to do with what was kind of dumped on me yesterday…

Good news is I will be moving out and I will be getting my own room… and my own closet and (kinda) bathroom too.

bad news is my rent will go up WAY higher than it is now, and I still have to live with the same annoying person, but I will at least get some privacy now. Also, I don’t have any furniture, and I’m totally unsure if I will have enough money to do this… I might just barely scrape by, but I hope I can at least do that.

But once I do this, I can bring the ladies over… ;)


I met the guy about a room, but it looks like it might not work out… just some things getting in the way that I have to take care of. I’ll have to try to save some more money and get some more things straight first I guess. Sigh, damn obstacles.

Took one more step towards doing this!

There’s a place nearby my work, and the rent is quite reasonable. I called the guy and will be checking it out tomorrow to see if it fits me. Wish me luck.


It’s time to do this again. I just can’t take the abuse and negativity of my current situation. Lately, I’ve been trying to be so confident in myself, but it just seems to be impossible with certain people bringing me down.


I feel like I'm losing my marbles...

Ugh, I hate it when my dad has to drag me around on his errands. I didn’t get home until 6pm! (15 mins ago). I was hoping for some time to relax then pack some more. Oh, well. I have all day tomorrow to do it, I hope. I need to get outta here by Monday, cuz they’re shutting off the electricity in this place (because my dad hasn’t been able to pay the bill, duh!)

Right now, I feel like I’m losing my marbles though. I don’t know what it is, but I’m losing my sanity or something. Maybe I just feel so overwhelmed… I’ll get this crap done though…

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