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Read 100 books in 2008


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nots2good has written 66 entries about this goal

#67: War Machine

by Andy Remic

Hardcore military scifi with just a hint of Noir. Some fun characters and some good action.

#66: Ghost in The Shell: Mane Machine Interface

by Shirow Masamune

Four years after the original Ghost in the Shell Manga, this focuses on one of the “children” of Motoko and the AI. Less police procedural and more exploring a strange new world. Good stuff.

#63, #64, #65: The Destroyer 51 : Shock Value; 47: Dying Space; 62: Dying Space

by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapier,

Remo and Chuin in all their goodness. What more can I say?

#62: The Art of Power

by Thich Nhat Hanh

A great book by a Zen Master. A great book on awareness and the importance of love and peace in the world. It sounds rather airy from my description, but still a rather interesting read.

#61: The Ten Roads to Riches

by Ken Fisher

A guide to riches by Ken Fisher. Fisher looks at 10 different ways to make the really big bucks. Your path to millions is probably here. Some of it reads really slimy, but as he says in the introduction, if you don’t like that road, pick another one!

#60: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

by Andy Hunt

A wonderful book that tied together some ideas that I’ve been reading about. Puts the ideas of learning and thinking into a perspective that make them actionable to me. Very good read, highly recommended!

#59: Too Many Curses

by A. Lee Martinez.

Martinez is my favorite author this year. I keep eating his stuff up like candy! A win every time! This one puts a kobald, a one eyed, one eared flying purple people eater and a castle full of cursed folks against some deeply mysterious trouble. Great fun!

#58: Hiero's Journey

by Sterling E. Lanier

A bit of speculative fiction from the 70’s. Post apocalyptic but some interesting ideas of where things would go. The bits about computers were amusing from the modern perspective.

#57: Organize for Disaster

by Judith Kolberg

A good read and an excellent introduction for preparing your family for an emergency (earthquake, fire, flood,etc). Practical advice on what to do and how to prepare. Very family focused.

#56: Scaling Down : Living Large in a Smaller Space

By Judi Culbertson and Marj Decker

An interesting book on how to help families downsize as they move from larger homes to smaller homes. Some insight into how people collect things, and some ideas on what to do with those things during the downsizing process.


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