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become a morning person.

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week 3

When school ended back in May I was such a morning person. It took me almost six weeks to be able to sleep past 8 am. But once I did, oh boy, it was all over. But school started two weeks ago and I have been getting up every week day before 7 and this morning I was naturally up & ready to go at 8. So I am getting back into the swing of things but I am by no means used to this new schedule yet. When the alarm when off Thursday I felt like I was wearing a lead bodysuit.


okay so I am working on this… I set my alarm & woke up at 6 this morning when my husband had to get up for work, but other than to walk the dog & grab my laptop, I have not gotten out of bed yet. I am making myself get out of bed at 8 b/c I don’t have to be at work until 10. I like the leisurely pace of this morning.

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