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be a better wife


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M. Alice has written 3 entries about this goal


I’ve reached a whole new level of honesty with my husband. I have told him some very big things about myself, and we are slowly but surely building a brand new bond based on this newfound honesty, and the trust that must come with it.


I feel I’ve made huge progress on this front. I started individual therapy several weeks ago, to finally figure out my issues with my exes, my childhood, and how it’s affecting my relationship with Luke. After a really productive session last week, I finally feel able to really put the grudges, feelings, and bad juju behind me once and for all.
We also started couples counseling to really nail down our communication differences. It’s been a life-saver, truly. Now all of the conversations we’ve been putting off are coming to light. The wedding is getting actively put together. We’re making real progress on the move and where we’re going. Our bond is even stronger now and we’re more committed than ever. It feels really good.

What's a Wife?

I changed one of my 43things resolutions from “Breath more” to being a better wife. It would help me breathe easier knowing that I’m proactively improving myself and in conjunction, my relationship. One of the most important aspects of that is always trying to be the best spouse you can be. It’s so easy to let that slide.

While Luke & I are not officially married, we identify to each other as husband and wife. After our wedding in front of family and friends, we will be able to do so without the “question faces”. In my eyes, when you are a “fiance”, you’re someone who’s planning a wedding. That’s it. It merely defines a temporary status between being boyfriend and girlfriend and being in that lifetime commitment. I’m more than just a girlfriend planning a wedding. He’s more than a boyfriend who gave me a ring and asked a question.

We’re best friends, lovers, soulmates, roommates, co-owners of a bunny, cheerleaders and emotional supporters. We are, in the absence of some legal documentation, husband and wife.

I vow to try my best in the remainder of the year to be a better one.


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