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Progress Report

I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last few days, since my first and only entry was on New Years Day last year. There were two specific incidents that I had in mind when I adopted it.

The first, I think I can safely say has been forgiven and forgotten as best as it ever will. It doesn’t hurt anymore, and therefore I never use it to hurt the other person. It took a long time, but I truly believe that my friend never meant to hurt me.

The second event has been harder to forget, and even to just forgive. I knew it would be the harder of the two, because it was a situation where he should have known better. I have to keep reminding myself that it takes two, and I have my own responsibility.

Hopefully it won’t take me until next January to get there, though! I have faith that I can let this go.

New Year's Day

I don’t want to spend another year angry. I don’t want to be hurt by things that happened in the past. Neither of us can change what went down, all that we can do is try to make our friendship as great as possible now.

I think that I expect too much of people sometimes, or maybe I just expect them to think like I do. Which are both unreasonable. All I can do is focus on being the best person and friend that I can be, and hopefully the anger will subside. I think I can forgive, but I’m not sure how easy it will be to forget, because it seems that lately, there are constant reminders of everything.

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