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Marking this as done.

Plan to do more in the future when I’ve got more magazine clippings but will mark it as done now since I’ve finished my first.


Whilst doing some sorting out yesterday I found an empty glass frame that I had no immediate plans for, and I knew where all my old magazine clippings (from a couple of years ago) were. Luckily they’re all still relevant to my goals so I managed to arrange them onto the frame. Didn’t glue them on since there’s none in the house, so I just put the actual glass piece on just to keep them steady for now and they slid down as soon as I moved it = n = Lucky I took the picture so I can recreate it pretty easily!

Bought glue today, hoping to have it all stuck down tomorrow. Will definitely be making some more boards since this one doesn’t touch on everything I want from life and some things can be considered short-term. Have thought about just building layer upon layer over it as I add new goals, but kind of want to keep them :/ We’ll see how things go down the line.

Halfway there

Got my corkboard up on the wall last night and it’s about 1/4 full of magazine clippings. All but one are words, so I feel like I need more pictures to balance it out. I’m going to wait until there’s another pile of unwanted magazines in the house, and then pounce on it with my scissors.


I got a corkboard the other day. And I’m sure I have some magazine cut outs somewhere from when I first realized I wanted to do this. All that’s left to do is scavenge for more magazines and stick the board on the wall. Although I think it’ll be a work in progress for quite a while /:

I think I've done one of these before.

But I’m not entirely sure. I used to do collages on card and put them in glass frames. I think I’ll dig them out and replace the collage with a vision board _ time to start hoarding the magazines.

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