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Feel sexy as me!

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As myself

Because channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe wasn’t it for me. I’m not her, nor am I like her. She had no real trust in anyone but herself-she’s strong. But I’m a lot of things she wasn’t. Stronger because I trust in others and put myself out there to risk it.
She strikes me as the beautiful type who only took the most calculated of risks in which she knew people would still adore her.
I’m not here to be adored. I’m not sure what I am here for-but that isn’t it.
I want to channel my own brand of sexiness outside of Victoria’s Secret models, vampire fetishes, blonds with tans and etc. I am not exactly typical but not exactly exotic, which has always made me feel cute enough, pretty, sometimes even beautiful. But never sexy. I need to stop comparing myself and decide what would make me feel the strength and power that comes with sexy and separates me from being cute-and channel it. Then release it on the world!
Not really the place for an evil laugh maybe with feeling sexy, but I felt it there. Maybe that too is part of my inner sexy? (Or my inner weirdness, which is fine and dandy good too!)

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