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My friend Dave’s in a wheelchair and we were talking about not-for-profits we’d like to start or help with. I yammered on about my green demolition and he started telling me his brilliant idea for a transportation service for the handicapped because there’s no great taxi service or public transportation that’s efficient for them-at least not here.
He also mentioned that he’d like to hire secret Service agents (ex ones) as aids because they know when to back off. I mean, the secret service agents part is unlikely, but having aids be better taught to back off and let the people live their lives would be a good thing.
Normally teens and young adults can get their own privacy to have AHEM intimate moments. With an aid this becomes difficult so it’s tough to be a teen with hormones and have one more factor in addition to the handicap and whatever else is going on cockblocking you.

It’s not exactly saving the starving children-but it’s something I never thought about-I bet a lot of people haven’t. Transportation and giving some private back-off moments for people when an aid just so they can be a person and have some kind of hormone escape.

Sorry, I just admired him for being so open about this issue to me, someone who didn’t know or understand and I thought it’d be interetsing to more people-it could help people if more aids noticed this about backing off-or more cities about transportation.

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