odyssey_spirit is doing 8 things including…

be so sexy and healthy that I turn myself on, in the mirror =)

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On hold

While I work on other things, like polyphasic sleep. Once I have energy again, I’ll exercise more.

So close

More definition! Still need to make sure not to overeat; that’s the only thing that will keep my belly from being sexy as my abs get stronger. Not much fat there; I just need to have small, frequent not-heavy meals to keep my belly flat.

Upper body is improving, getting harder. Not gaining much size, but enough that I’m noticing.


I may change this to emphasize the health. Health ended up in my top 15 values, but not beauty.

Upper body

I look GREAT when I’m all pumped from an upper body workout. That would be because I normally have no upper body… despite being a guy… well, it’s OK. Just not defined at all.

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