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buy a sewing machine

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Operation: Move Sewing Machine to California home is complete! Thanks to the help of a fellow airline passenger, I was able to hoist the sewing machine into the overhead bin. It’s now home…

Next goal: learn to sew!

Plan is set

Tomorrow my second carry-on will be the sewing machine, which I hope to gate-check (like they do with strollers and such). Once I get it back to California, I’ll have to figure out if it needs a tune-up. (If a local store I noticed a couple weeks back is cheap enough, I might take it in there just to be sure either way, since I wouldn’t know 100% by myself!) Excited that I’ll finally have one…now to learn how to use it really well! :)

Not buy, but maybe spring

My mom said I could have a sewing machine that was my grandmother’s…I just have to figure out how to get it to California. I’d been thinking that I could bring it on a plane as a carry-on the next time I go back, but she’s just pointed out how heavy the darned things are…that, and my being not very tall might make it hard for me to lift it into an overhead bin.

So now it might become my husband’s carry-on! ;)

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